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How Many Homes Does the US Need... NEWS

Why is the inventory of for-sale homes so tight? A new analysis 
by Freddie Mac found that supply will meet demand only if the U.S.
adds 3.8M new homes. The housing need now is 52% greater than it was in
2018, just three years earlier – and it’s even worse for entry-level homes.

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Housing Demand to Stay High NEWS

April 3, 2021
While higher housing costs and mortgage rates will
chip away
at buyer demand, the sheer volume of
current buyers makes the next buyers’ market
appear far away.

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FEMA Releases Flood Rate Overview NEWS

April 5, 2021
Floridians ask “Will my flood insurance rate go up or down?” 
The answer; good news FEMA says overall, 1 out of 5 residents
(19.8%) will see a reduction,
and 3 out of 4 (76%) won’t see a
change higher than $120 more per year.

Now that news worth getting excited about!

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No Interest Rates Hikes Thru 2023 Blog


  Fed Reserve 

Great news! The Fed is expecting NO interest rate hikes through 2023!

This is especially good news for those of us of that spend time in the residential investment and resort income investment space.
As more folks get vaccinated and different states open up their economies the residential income market, which has been very strong for sellers, will getter even hotter. Investors are scooping up great deals and will benefit as folks start to get out and about!

Personally, I have been focused on the Gulf Coast in FL - specifically the beautiful Sun Coast region which includes Sarasota, Siesta, Lido Key, Long Boat Key and Anna Maria Island

This area is exploding in many areas, with a major impact in the resort residential income and 2nd home market.

I'm happy to answer any questions or make recommendations regarding this lovely slice of paradise. You can contact me at

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The New SunBird, Not SnowBird Blog

Sunbird not as long

For those of us who own investment properties or homes in Florida we are all familiar with the term snowbirds, but the latest craze, due in part to Covid is Sunbirds!

Sunbirds are folks, of all ages from Millennials to XGeners, not necessarily retired - who are flocking to Florida, because of their ability as untethered workers or those working remotely or from home, who can choose to live work and play wherever they want! How awesome is that?

Some are choosing to relocate temporarily while others, after exploring the tax advantages and year-round fun in the sun, are moving here permanently.

I chose the Sun Coast in Sarasota on the Gulf of Mexico due to the resort life-style, world famous white crystal beaches, sand that never gets hot, an amazing art and cultural scene.

Plus, it's only 45 minutes to Tampa Bay Metro, which is an amazing high growth business area, and a quick 2 hour drive to Orlando, another great business venue.

All of the Sun Coast is exploding in right now, and BONUS, we don't get hammered with hurricanes, like the east coast of FL (Miami, Ft Lauderdale, etc.)

Do You have questions about life on the Central Coast of Florida or would like to find out more about an investment property or second home in Sarasota? Contact meet at 941.549.6968 or a

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